19 Ocak 2010 Salı

My Answers for Andreas Weigend

One of the keynote speakers of Turkish Airlines' Social Trippin organization; Andreas Weigend has asked a few questions before our meeting in Berlin this weekend. I'd like to answer them here, in my blog.

1- Biggest suprise you have had over the last 6 months as a user of social network.

People's intention of getting used to new communication methods. Especially the recent rise in Twitter usage in Turkey.

2- One relevant issue you are curious about related to the social data revolution (see weigend.com, esp http://weigend.com/blog/archives/36

Importance of people driven networks and filters. People are voluntarily filtering content for the people in their networks and this is the best method for filtering and foldering data. "...also bought these items" kind of proposal mechanisms for e-commerce sites are examples for this people filters. The issue is how to use the people. Google's ReCaptcha Project is a good example: http://recaptcha.net/learnmore.html

3- Your biggest hope for the social data revolution

...is that all the relevant data is available and accesible at any time to anyone on demand.

4- Your biggest fear for the social data revolution


5- One point you deeply believe in that you want to make sure Andreas Weigend and the other attendees understand clearly.

"Life finds a way". Democratisation of the knowledge will evantualy lead to a better communicating society, and that will help individuals to get themself better and do whatever they want from they heart.